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Friday, February 12, 2010

Learning Fast

Well the kids have been talking about school so much. They love seeing the school buses go by and always asking about going on it and to school. I've been doing some research online for things to do with the kids at home, like a school setting. I have started the process for VPK, but have read that the funding is quickly running out, so if we can't get them in we will home school them this year and see how it goes. They are like sponges right now and want things to do.

My mother helped me re-organize our family room with our FREE bookcase and the kids toys, I'm going to save up some money for learning tools for the kids, and hang up so they can easily learn things. Bella has been asking to learn the alphabet and she really wants to learn how to write. Quinn already knows how to recognize his name on paper and last night tried to spell it in the dishwasher with the letter magnets!

On the website www.education.com I found some great worksheets and activities that you can do with your kids. They range from all ages from preschool to High School. I added a widget in the left sidebar of our blog for preschool activities. However if you visit the website you can find great information and pages and pages of ideas!!

I hope to get started with the twins within the next few months, and I will post their progress too.


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