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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brinlee's FIRST Haircut! *Video*

Yes it's official, Brinlee got her first Haircut on Saturday!! So mark it on your calendar: January 16th, 2010 it happened. We took her of course, nowhere else but Disney to get her first official haircut. I really thought that she would scream, want to sit on my lap, no cooperate, oh did she prove me wrong! She was such an SWEETHEART!

We did sit and wait for 45min in line, the twins were very good as well as Brinlee. I was going to have her sit on my lap, but Michael, the barber, said, "Nope just sit her on the chair, she'll be fine." I said, "Ok, we'll try it." Man was I wrong... she looked so cute!

When all done, Michael did cut off a lot of hair, or should I say CURLS! He saved them in some paper for us, she got her very own 'First Haircut' Certificate, and her Special Mickey Ears, which she also had to look over her new haircut and approve.

The pictures and video say it all, Brinlee is definitely a BIG GIRL NOW!


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