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Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day weekend and Big Girl Bed!

Well a little late in posting this but here we go....

The day before we took the kids to the local pottery place, Plaster Cottage in town and had a lot of fun. The twins each painted 2 things they got to take home. Bella chose a seashell and a car, and Quinn chose a car and Spongebob. Brinlee just watched of course. Jay and I painted letters for their names. Uncle John and Aunt Michelle met us there too to have some fun.

Afterwards Bella and Jay had a dinner date night at Chik-fil-A. So darn cute. They were seated at tables that had linens, and their orders were taken, and even got a desert and a Free picture! (I'll have to scan that one in at a later date). They had a nice little Daddy-Daughter date while Me, Brinlee, Quinn, John and Michelle at at Steak-n'-Shake, Quinn had no problem with that for sure! Brinlee had a lot of fun with the stickers at SNS!!!

Valentine's Day was a fun day. Jay had to work so it was me and the kids. We decided to go ahead and change Brinlee's bed into a BIG GIRLS BED!! I don't think she knew what was going on but sure did have some fun, here are some pictures.

The kids were also excited because they got some cards in the mail from Aunt Marlene and Uncle Dan. They each got $1 and the first words out of the twins mouths were "Let's go to the dollar store!" And of course we did. Quinn bought a box of DOTS CANDY, Bella bought a blue baseball bat and Brinlee picked out a pink calculator. Well Quinn's dots were eaten up fast, big surprise there huh?! Brinlee decided to eat off 5 of the buttons within 5 hrs, and Bella still has her bat to play with.

They also got really cute cards from Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie. They were so excited to get even more mail!! They each got $5 which they wanted to put in their piggy banks.

Here are some pictures:

Then I was going to make Creme Brule for Jay as a V-Day gift but after buying the ingredients I realized it had to sit overnight, ugh. So I made a nice dinner and made KeyLime Parfait. I made my own recipe: Juicy Chicken and Delicious Dill Potatoes. You can find them on my recipe blog called Yummy Tummy Eats. Link is in the sidebar on the right!! Try it you'll love it! Here are some pictures.


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