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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Night Fever...

Oh yes I must have a fever or something. I just finished painting the kids bathroom on a whim! Well I have been wanting to paint another room for a long time. Jay would love for us to paint the entire hosue but with 3 kids and us having no time it's kind of impossible so we had to start somewhere.

Below are before pictures, and then after pictures. We had the rubber ducky theme in our old house and loved it! The only thing I need now is Quinn and BElla have towels with their names on them, Brinlee doesn't ahve one yet. I'd like to get them all a rubby ducky hand towel with their names on them.

It feels so good to get it done! I think next will be Quinn's room then the hallway. Might as well work our way arond the house slowly.

**FYI: YES I made all those bows, YES the girls wear them all, YES Bella is stll asking me to make her more, YES I make and sell them just email me at scsimplecreations@gmail.com if you are interested.**


Kristin said...

CUTE! Are those polka dots on the wall? Or what is it? I love the blue you chose!

Mommy said...

Those are BUBBLES!!

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