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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun Day!

Yesterday we took half of the day to get out of the house. Jay had to work but we met him at the park to just walk around, see the parade, Playhouse Disney and of course we ahd to find McQueen and Minnie Mouse!

While Jay worked my Dad, the kids and I walked around, we brought our lunch to save some green and just slowly walked around. Someone next to our table at lunch offered us 1/2 a pizza and taht was very nice of them. Then while waiting for the parade my Dad got us some frozen lemonade and Brinlee loved it! Drinking out of a straw even!! Bella enjoyed the parade even more this time around, Quinn just covered his ears.

Quinn did find something that he wanted in the store, Nanny- be aware you will be asked for something. It was a nice hot but relaxing and different day to just forget about things and have some fun. Not to worry that we had to see certain things, a time-frame, etc.

Here is a fun video of the pictures and videos that I took, Enjoy!


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