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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, Sunday!

Oh the things I wanted to get done today, but of course didn't. At least I got one thing on my list done, hey it's a start. I got the van washed and waxed, yes waxed by myself. Now just the inside needs to be cleaned.

I'm up at my parents house again, I think it's going to be a weekly thing since I'm closer to work, my Father can get his work done, I've got my computer and we have 2 sets of eyes on the twins. It works and we both think it works out well.

Our website is updated, and I still need to get photos us as well. Another task that will take awhile, don't worry I'll get there, when? Who knows haha!

After washing the van, sleeping weird last night because Brinlee was cranky and wanted to breastfeed, my neck, arms, feet and back are very tight. So I figured while up here at my Dad's I'd sit in the hot tub and relax the muscles. I had to give the twins a bath, then the baby, so I'm beat! Well...the heater isn't working on the hot tub. ARR!! So it's just not my day today.

Hopefully tomorrow will start a better week!


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