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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Days

Well it's summertime and my idea of a perfect summer day is sunny, about 84 degrees, a few clouds and a light breeze. It's just warm enough to go in the pool but not scorching hot! On days like this I love just laying by the pool, going to the park (if it's not crowded) and just enjoying it. We do get some days like this in FL, but most are very humid!

We mostly get our prefect summer days like this not until the fall, like in October/November. When this time rolls around we really enjoy going to Disney and just walking arund for a few hours, the parks aren't very crowded and we actually can ejoy ourselves.

So if you are ever thinking of coming to visit Disney and you hate the crowds, the humidity, the rain, think about coming in Spet/Oct/Nov. Yes you will the daily afternoon rain taht last about 30min, big deal! This is the time to come because the crowds are low and the weather is nice!


Amanda said...

Oh I like your idea of the perfect summer day weather! I wish we actually had those in the summertime! And yeah, I'd think, too, waiting for nicer weather to do Disney, you'd have less crowds too!

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